Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hotties eat rotis

Tonight I'm heading out for some SriLankan/Indian/Malaysian/whatever else ends up on my plate at Kammadhenu Newtown. It will probably look a little somethng like this.. (notice the long neck in the background, we're all class). We have a tendency to get a bit excited where Dosai and/or Roti is involved.

If you live in Sydney I'd suggest checking it out yourself provided of course that you like cheap, delicious flat breads, curries, teh tarik and deep fried cauliflower (pretty sure it's the only legal way to eat that vegetable) and most importantly that you aren't too picky about service, or the occasional grifter coming in to ask for money while you eat. If you can look past that then I think you'll enjoy yourself, if you can't look past it maybe stay home and eat condensed milk from the can. What? Don't judge, it's delicious.

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Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

Sounds delicious - let me know how you go with the whoopie pies if you make them :)

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