Who is Hey Emmaline?

Ahoy hoy!
I'm Emma. I'm also 25 and incredibly clumsy and neurotic (I wish I was joking, I'm not).
By day I'm a little research nerd for the square box that sits in your living room and by night I'm usually watching said box. On the odd occasion I'm not, I'm decorating teapots or sewing something into something else.
I love Lucas Arts PC games - I was brought up on a strict diet of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and Sam and Max. I also own every Nintendo console, bar a few of the Gameboys (what? the clear one plays the same games as the original, it doesn't hurt my cred).
My favourite band is the Weepies, which is fitting because I tend to be a bit of a sook..
The Simpsons is my bread and butter - I'm pretty sure I'll end up like Eleanor Abernathy (crazy cat lady) but hey, it's a living.
I left my heart in Tokyo but fully intend to get it back sometime this year. Studio Ghibli is better than Disney (and I should know, I used to work at the House of Mouse) but only if you watch them in Japanese with subtitles (non-negotiable).
And could I sound more pretentious? Probably not.
See... told you I'm neurotic.

I have the best family, bar none. And I've bribed someone rather cute into dating me for the last seven years. We've known each other since we were twelve and I love grossing him out with this fact. I have the best friends ever - we have choreographed dance routines and drunken alter egos and they keep life fun.
I possess the gift of extreme clumsiness. I will fall over something that isn't there and you can bet it will be while wearing a skirt and carrying a beverage of some kind, in front of a popular cafe.

And if you've gotten this far you'll also know I love to talk about myself! Good times.