Monday, December 27, 2010

And that's a wrap...

December is always a little manic, but this year took the cake. So what the heck happen this month?
I bought a house with a boy. Don't stress, not just a random one off the street (the bank wouldn't approve it) but instead with a boy I've known since I was twelve, and who has had to tolerate me in higher concentrations for the last seven years. I'm crazy in love with our shoe box - I'm confident we'll be very happy there, eventually (we aren't moving in for another 10 months because a boudoir made of milk crates ain't my style).
(The previous owners left us this cute little note on our kitchen blackboard!)

I met Oprah and she gave me a pearl necklace. Keep your minds out of the gutter people, it was all very innocent and fun. I stood within 150 metres of Bindi Irwin so I can scratch that one of my bucket list (I'm joking, oh how I'm joking). Check out my water bottle - total collectors item, no?

I also...
...finally got around to decorating the office in appropriate Christmas cheer (see first picture, trolls are always appropriate)
...had a great Christmas surrounded by sweet family and got spoilt rotten.
...babysat some very cute kids and got schooled on the new slang. FYI "You got pwned" is the insult du jour.
...watched my first high school friend walk down the aisle to greet a hot Frenchy at the other end.
...turned 25 and slept almost the entire day away by choice. I did wake up later because my dadda make me a killer lasagne and cake.

Hope you are having a really special December - it is the best month of the year after all!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New kid on the blog

Hi thereeeee!

I'm standing on the edge of my 25th birthday and I can't think of anything I'd rather do than sleep . Good grief, I am tired. But instead, I start a blog. Touche...

I'm half of a girl called e where I occasionally ramble about all the things I wish I owned, with my dear friend Liz. I'm also the "owner" of a little business (and I mean little... I think the Hubble Telescope would struggle to find it) called Hey, Emmaline! where I decorate teapots. A few people seemed to like 'em so I've started up my little Made It store in May and before I knew it we're in December and I've sold more than 60 teapots. Yeesh! And across those sixty teapots I learned a lot of lessons... which I've since forgotten. See! This is why we need blogs, people!

So I've downed tools for 2010 but I do plan to start up bigger and better in 2011. More designs, more organisation and maybe a little less stress and crazed moodswings for those around me. Oh who am I kidding? Sorry Mumma!

Enough ranting, more teapots...

Here is my latest design. This polka dot cutie is set aside for my boyfriend's Ma & Pa for Christmas. They are the sweetest of the sweet so I think the deserved a teapot that reflected that. Here's hopin' they like it!