Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Tuesday, I'm in love.

Happy Tuesday! Tuesday is officially the worst day of the week – I kid you not. There is none of Monday’s post-weekend glow about it, nor Friday’s dizzy anticipation. But surely Tuesday isn’t entirely without merit – for example if you’re a big Packed to the Rafters fan then I’m sure you’re fond of Tuesdays. Me? Not such a big Rafters fan (sorry Carbo), but this particular Tuesday is looking pretty good – a whole 27 degrees are waiting outside my door to envelope me in all their Vitamin D glory.

This picture perfect weather seems like the perfect time to show off the Spring wreath mum and I put together one lazy Sunday morning (as opposed to all those active Sunday morning… ha!).
We bought it at Paper Source in San Fran over a year ago and, due to my easily distracted nature, 12 months passed before I actually sat down and made it. But it was easy peasy, and incredibly satisfying!
The kit comes with all the flowers already cut out – so all you need to do is play paper florist and get arranging! I won’t lie, there is a little bit of folding involved too, but that’s about as tough as it gets. And, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think it looks cute!
It’s so bright and cheery and perfect for Spring. And it only cost $20 – amazing! I’m all for doing things from scratch, but I’m also a fan of the easy option, which in this case involved us handing over $20 (who am I kidding... there was no us, it was mum) rather than me spending hours tracing, cutting and in all probability giving up. I’m sure both options would have been equally satisfying… particularly the one that involves me finishing the project.

So here’s to finishing projects – even if they’re relatively easy ones! And here’s to the projects we’d rather avoid… like cleaning bedrooms. When Instragram can’t make your room look pretty, well that my friend is when you know you’re in real trouble. So.. how's about that weather?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

insert blog title here

Sometimes I wonder what the people at Myer must think of me when they look at my buying history.What is one woman doing with all those teapots?! I’m pretty sure I’m known “that crazy teapot girl”. To be honest, if you’re buying two of the same white teapot, it might not raise an eyebrow. But when you’re buying 22? It usually looks a little something like this…
I’m a-okay with it! If you’re going to be notoriously crazy about something, why not teapots? I like teapots better than cats and you can bet hurling teapots at people isn’t going to get you in trouble with PETA… unless you hurl a teapot at a cat and then you’re just sick. Anyway no one is hurling anything at anyone so why don’t you all just put your teapots down and take a deep breath.

Phew, that was close.
Anyway I prefer the term quirky to crazy. Quirky is the most polite way you can tell someone they’re a little left of centre (or right, let’s not get political) and you can bet I’ve been told that once or twice in my life time. I’ve also been called feral by a uni lecturer… as in “Emma I didn’t recognise you, you normally look more feral than that” end quote…and it was apparently meant as a compliment. To me as a feral or as a slightly more polished feral, I’m still not sure but it was about six years ago and you can bet I haven’t forgotten (or forgiven. I kid! Always forgive…).

But enough of my petty (yet impressive) grudge holding abilities. One thing I’ve always liked about Japan is that they’re also a little quirky! I’ve been getting pretty (read: very) excited for our trip to Japan in December so I’ve been blog stalking like crazy and trying to pick up some good tips (let me know if you have any - I’ll love you forever!). Along the way I discovered Mameshiba. Words fail me on this one so you’ll have to  read the below and watch. Hope you love it as much as I do!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I spy...

The lovely people at Shop Til You Drop magazine very kindly asked to include one of my teapots in their latest issue. Um.... YES PLEASE! was something along the lines of my response.
I've been pretty darn lucky when it comes to getting a bit of magazine exposure - I never really believed anyone would actually buy my teapots, let alone have three magazines approach little ol' me! Here is the great feature they did on getting things customised. I'm definitely taking note of some of these great shops - that cushion is a steal at $35 (click for full size!)

And why yes, I am sharing a two page spread with my good friend Louis Vuitton (ha!). Exciting!