Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh Jemima, look at your Uncle Jim... he's in the bathtub learning how to swim.

To my gorgeous girl who was by far the craziest dog I've ever known. I bet you're having a great time eating rocks and jumping up at balloons like the insane girl you were, and hopefully not giving us a second thought. We miss you so much already.

Monday, January 24, 2011

River, Sea, Ocean

Here's my latest design! I don't generally get much time to think up new designs because the bulk of my orders are custom, but every now and then I like to try and start from scratch. I love custom orders and I love to know they're going to really belong to specific people (a touch hard to regift) but I don't really feel all that creative using the same design over and over.
 So it's important to me (I don't mind if no one else buys them) to branch out every now and then, otherwise I get bored. And generally with bordeom comes crankiness. Actually come to think of it, crankiness tends to accompany a few things - namely hunger, fat days and less than 8 hours sleep. Suffice to say I'm a pretty fun person to be around.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Polka Dots and Moonbeams

The other night Oh and I were enjoying the best things in life - good company and pizza. I think I was ranting (as I have a tendency to do believe it or not) about weddings and my dream of being a wedding planner. To which Oh said "What? Every wedding would just be polka dots". Sad that he is so cynical... and so accurate. Which is why I'm so impressed that I managed to pull myself away from this lot of fabrics at Lincraft today. Talk about restraint huh?

Anyway I'm glad this week is over! My parents are away and I've been hanging out with my girl Jem who, I'm very sad to say, is getting older and slower by the day. So I need to soak up all the lovin' I can with that smelly blonde of mine - the dog, not Oh... just in case you were wondering.

Over the hills and far away

I, along with the majority of 20-something female bloggers in the universe, was rather excited to hear that She & Him had dropped another single. New single means a new film clip which inevitably results in Zooey Deschanel dancing in a way that's equal parts cute and embarrasing.

And best of all, it reminds me of this happy night in July when Mumma and I sat in the nosebleed section of Hollywood Bowl and watched She & Him do their thing. Well... .squint madly and assume the blobs we could see where She & Him doing their thing.

Which also reminds me of my favourite photo from the US. Yessss I'm a Lard Lad girl and I'm sure it's blasphemy that this is my favourite photo of an entire country. But if you know one thing about me it should probably be that I love the Simpons. And not in an "Oh I love Homer so much. Isn't he so funny when he says D'oh!" kinda way, it's a little more fanatical than that. Y'see my parents were the cool kind who let me watch the Simpsons from the beginning, when my age was in single digits (seriously multiple people I grew up with weren't allowed to watch The Simpsons in the fear that all their moral upbringing would disappear the instant "Eat My Shorts" was uttered). We had the NES games, the Simpsons Singing The Blues CDs, I even have Simpsons VHS. I'm a little prone to obsessions as I'm sure you'll see in due course. So on that note I'll wish you goodnight and head off to bed in one of my three oversized Hanson t-shirts (bet you didn't think due course meant the next sentence huh?)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My dad is cooler than yours (no offence)

My dad's birthday is just around the corner and I'm wracking my brain for ideas to no avail.
You see, my dad is kinda, very cool. He's a barrister by day and a rocker by night.
I can safely say I inherited my dear papa's abiliy to fall over inanimate objects, but not his musical genes.
That said, the last gift I gave him was pretty special... I personalised him shoes!

Given his daytime profession and he mostly taught himself to play, the stage name Self Tort is pretty fitting.

And he's a talented guy this one, playing both keys and geetar - so how could I choose?

And the best bit? He loves 'em and wears them all the time! I mean, how many parents are that cool?
So... this year I'm well and truly stumped as to how I can top them! Any ideas?