Friday, February 18, 2011

Sweat child of mine.

Today is stupidly hot and unfortch I inherited the excessive sweat gene from my grandma. It's super attractive to be sitting on a peak hour train and having to hold on to the edge, in fear of slipping off of the seat because I'm so freaking sweaty. Or the awkward squirm in my seat to try and remove the huge sweat batch my butt has left on the seat...followed by the sprint to the door just in case I wasn't successful. The trick is not to look back at the sea of judging eyes.

Anyway I've been a busy bee finishing up orders and I made some new tags which I like! My cute friend Heidi and I are aiming for a Glebe market stall in a couple of months which is great because I've literally been talking about having a stall there for about three years. I'm pretty sure my business card title is Procrastinator... if I had actually bothered to get business cards. But anyway the plan is to set up the week before Mother's Day and sell some new teapot designs - ready made and less custom. I love custom (and they are the most popular) but it gets a little stressful some times! Speaking of here is one I just sent off.

Otherwise I've also been catching up with friends and drinking tequila - the two best things in life, no? Last week we headed to Cafe Pacifico for a dear friend's birthday, where Coronas are a mere... $9. Ouch! Mortgages hurt my feelings and my bank balances. Expensive beers or not, I had such a great night as captured by this picture of me and Oh. It kind of sums us up quite well... he looks disinterested (or possibly like he's eating my face) and I'm lost in the moment. Which is also fitting because he's up and left me for the weekend to make some money. That's love, right?

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

That's still my favourite item of yours! :D So gorgeous :D

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