Monday, February 21, 2011

Sitting on my (dream) sofa

Edit - I've just been watching the news, and you know what? Couches really aren't so important, either is soup in ice-trays. Sometimes life can be a massive jerk - we're thinking of you Christchurch x

About two months ago I bought a house! Okay I lie, I bought a very small apartment. But I absolutely adore it - and that fact that my 1.5 hour morning commute will soon be replaced by a swift 30 minute walk across a bridge that affords me a nice view each day. I never get over telling people that when I move I will reclaim TEN HOURS A WEEK.

Since high school I've always had a pretty long commute - I live, quite literally, in the Middle Of Nowhere which is very fitting for a former (ha!) Hanson obsessive. It's a lovely place to live with gorgeous trees and water views, but it takes a good 5 minutes to get out of the suburb. So since I was 12 years old I've always had at least 2 hours of my day dedicated to travel. I'm not going to know what to do with myself. Okay, actually I do - washing, cleaning and cooking. Basically all the things I take for granted that my darling ma does for me now.

Anyway I'm still excited that I won't have to stand in the sauna that is Town Hall station at 6pm each evening, or elbow my fellow commuters out of the way for that last seat on the train. I get a little brutal when it comes to public transport. I swear for the other 21 hours a day I'm all sweetness and light, but as soon as the doors to the train so help you if you're in my way.

ANYWAY I digress. We aren't moving into the apartment for a couple more months, which allows me plenty of time to imagine how our life will be, and more importantly how it will look. Or alternatively, it allows me plenty of time to annoy Owen with pictures of couch covers and thrifty ideas about freezing soup in ice-trays. Interesting, no?

I've been living on Apartment Therapy and there I discovered Bemz - basically the best thing to happen to Ikea furniture ever. They make slip covers for Ikea couches in a myriad of fabrics, which takes your very smart Scandinavian sofa to a whole new level.
For example - take the humble Karlstad sofa, apple of my eye.

And then a couple of hundred Euros later...
I really love this cover and I'm going to do my best to pinch every penny so I can eventually call it my own. I've been warned that perhaps a couch with that much white space isn't suited to someone as accident prone as myself... but I'm happy to eat with a bib if it means I can have it.

So I have my dream couch sorted - but does anyone have any other suggestions for good blogs/websites for home inspiration?


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ooh a couch is an important purchase! We searched high and low for ours and ending up buying one that is so large that it's almost impossible to fit it in our previous apartment lol. They look like v nice choices! :)

Laura said...

oooh, our ikea couch is a bit like that one. regret buying off-white though! we have it covered in a 70s green throw rug to protect it from the cats

emma said...

oh really? i think i might go for a darker colour then... i'm incredibly accident prone so it's probably in my best interest.

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