Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It might as well be Spring

It's Spring!! I say it with enthusiasm and a touch of false confidence, considering it was a little gray and chilly when I left for work this morning. But who cares - those degrees, they're on the up and up from here on in.

The mere thought of Spring can literally put a spring in your step (okay there is nothing literal about that... metaphorically just didn't sound as good) and make you look all goofy and smiley. Even when you're chained to your desk, completely devoid of any Vitamin D and a "toasty" 18 degrees thanks to your work's overly efficient aircon (speaking from experience? never...).

My favourite Springy/Winter Hating thoughts include:

  • No longer having to run shrieking (and/or streaking) through the house to the shower on those cold, cold winter mornings, alarming everyone who was previously sound asleep in the house.
  • Expanding my lexicon beyond the words "I'm cold" because I'm pretty sure I don't say much else for the entire three months of Winter. I know friends, family and boyfriend will be grateful for this one.
  • It's almost Christmas! (This isn't limited to Spring... I have been known to say it around Australia Day) I know friends, family and boyfriend won't be grateful for this one.
  • Dresses! I have a wardrobe bursting with summer dresses, all of whom are lonely and a little bitter at being neglected through those colder months. Sorry gals, it's your time to shine.
  • Also shining will be my pasty white legs! They don't belong on this list obviously but I thought it was a bit rude to make a negative list after talking up Spring so much. Sorry Spring, I still love you!
Speaking of warmer weather fashion, I spied this necklace on Made It this morning and might have to pinch my pennies extra hard so it can be mine one day.

And I will admit that I have my pre-pinched pennies aside for a piece (or two...) of the new Red Velvet Autumn collection. Autumn... Spring... Tomato... Tomato. Ha... knew that phrase would work for me on the internet eventually. I've got my eye on one... (or both.. who am I kidding) of these.

So you can bet your bottom dollar (or alternatively just give it to me... that would be nice!) that I"ll be sitting at my desk at 9am, refreshing the site to the point of RSI. The things we do for love eh?



kelly said...

im really glad i grabbed a dress last time around so i dont have to be desperate for one this time. i love the sewing box dress, but i bought the screen printed kites dress last season, so its a bit same same. GOODLUCK getting one, i recommend buying the first one you see and going back for round two if you want the top as well, i would have missed out on my first dress if id hung around to wait for the second one i wanted last time :)

emma said...

i bought the record store jumper last time and love it!! but panicked about not getting one and bought it in a size that fits but is a little bit snug haha hmmm.
i still adore it though!
i'm not sure which one i'll want this time round if i don't get the library! the sewing box is pretty gorgeous!

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