Saturday, August 6, 2011

I see the bright lights. It's the month of July

I'm pretty sure good ol' Father Time is playing some tricks on me, that loveable prankster. July felt like the longest month of my life, but at the same time how the heck is it August already?!

Plenty of things happened in July. Me and Oh both got new jobs! I haven't started just yet but am in the long and painful process that is packing up three years worth of accumulated stuff. And by stuff I think you know I mean piles of scrap paper and dirty cutlery (Seriously, I'm some kind of subconscious cutlery thief. Buried beneath piles of paper I found three knives, two forks and a spoon or two... some washed, some... not so much). I did come to realise I have the desk of a 5 year old, it literally looks like someone robbed a toddler and then emptied their toybox on my desk. I will neither confirm nor deny.
I did my nails in a shade I like to call "Barbie drank to much tequila and needs a bucket". I love fun nails, I think Sally Hansen knows this and keeps making new products to suck me back in. But these were pretty easy and fun - they lasted a week before I could no longer resist the nagging urge to rip them off. And yes I was watching My Big Fat Gyspy Wedding and I'd ask you not to judge thank you very much.

I also bought new pyjamas in Woolworths. Isn't that where you buy all your clothing? Okay maybe not so much. But I couldn't really say no to that delightfully garish pink and the term "Sugar Mommas". I love Patty & Selma and I'm not too ashamed to admit it. Between the nail decals and my choice of $12 pyjamas I sure am doing a good job of convincing you I'm all class.
I've been drinking cofftea! My work BFF has got me hooked on this amazing drink. It's an every day quandry for all us paralysed with indecision... coffee.. or tea? Oh... I'll have a coffee, no... no wait, I will have tea. NO I WILL HAVE COFFTEA! Best of both worlds I tell ya! Just mix a sachet like this with water and let indecision bother you no more. Deeeelicious.
And how's about that amazingly warm yet fleeting weather we had this week. Those few days of sunshine were fantastic for the soul - you can't kind of help but be HAPPY! Something about Spring always makes me excited, I really love an Australian Summer so I think it's the anticipation. Summer always makes me nostalgic for my childhood. It makes me think of primary school where we'd eat frozen Orchy cups on really hot days and watch endless Round The Twist videos during the last days of term because teachers had all but physically left for the year. And the smell of jasmine when you walk in the front gate and Peter Combe Christmas albums on repeat (bet you wish you were my neighbour). I wish I could go back there, maybe even for just an hour and appreciate how simple (code: less stressful) life was back then. And scoff a 50c bag of carobs from the canteen while I'm at it... okay maybe a dollar bag (we're talking 100 carob buds in the 1997 economy people).

PS I think Whitley is the perfect music for an Australian summer. Have a listen and prove me right.. or wrong (just don't tell me, I'm a bit sensitive).


chocolatesuze said...

i heart your nails!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Congratulations on your new jobs! I think the nails are cute! I've never really looked into finishes like that but it looks good on you :)

serendipity and kate said...

50 cents worth! That'll get ya 50 carobs! Or... carrot buds, as we called them. I remember spending some lunch times scrounging around for one cent coins in the playground so I could purchase one carrot bud.

Have fun tomorrow! Good luck with the toddler robbery for the next job, hehehe.

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