Sunday, April 10, 2011

What is it they say about small things?

I was far too excited when I saw this "Go Coco" drink and instantly thought of Mean Girls. I love Mean Girls with the passion of a thousand eleven year olds who loved Taylor Hanson circa 1997 and believe it to be the most quotable movie ever (sorry Casablanca, you're a bit passe). So you can bet it's pretty much the only thing I talked about ALL WEEKEND after I saw it (yes, I'm the annoying friend. As if you didn't know that already). And yes, I made quick work of modifying it to its current state.Totally think  they should change the brand name to this, maybe then they wouldn't need to sell it off for $1. Or maybe it's just because coconut water tastes like Wipeout/Bombora/Rumba (cheap Malibu alternative, I know them well) without any of the fun. Either way I think I got my dollar's worth even if I didn't drink much of it.

And on that note - this meme is why the internet was invented, I swear. We're kind of ridiculously obsessed with internet memes at the moment - I'm partial to Y U NO guy and he's a fan of Foul Bachelor Frog. I think we have a problem. Does this make little to no sense to you? Google memebase and thank me later, or curse me when it's 2am and you're still looking at useless internet rubbish.

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