Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A day in the life of an extra ordinary person

On Friday night I walked in to Priceline with the intention of buying some velcro hair rollers and some dry shampoo (Seriously, get on this people. Life changing, no exaggeration.) and leaving quickly thereafter. For the record you do not "pay less at Priceline" if you buy more than you intended (they lie through song, jerks) and I somehow walked out significantly poorer. But on the plus side I now have a lot of stuff... because I really needed more of that. I also got some nail polish in jade green and a nail art pen, and armed with both these things a night’s worth of frustration. Win win!
Owen and I went to see Griff the Invisible and grabbed some lunch at Mappen before we went in. I almost chickened out because I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to look like they’re lost or like they don’t know what they’re doing. But stress not my neurotic soulmate, Mappen have a sign with clear steps telling you how to order so you won’t lose any cred, or look plain stupid.
They also have this apple drink – WITH REAL FRUIT JUICE! - all 1% of it. The food was decent and cheap and it’s a matter of opinion as to whether I got a little “over-excited” at the tempura self serve. Either way I walked out of there covered in a thin layer of broth – Emma, udon and chopsticks do not a match make. And why yes my boyfriend does have pretty hands, thanks for noticing!

While we're on the minutae of my life - I recently discovered that my Japanese Kit Kat collection was kind of old... as in, they were kind of out of date (don't ask me if I still ate them, I won't answer truthfully). I’m not normally the kind of person to ration sweets of any kind, give me a tub of ice-cream and I will soon return said tub back to you empty, accompanied only by the milky smile on my face. But because they’re so damn expensive and relatively tricky to find, I went against my better judgement (better judgement which would have required me eating them all in one hour). So I headed to IGA in Market City to replenish my stocks.
Lemonade and Coca Cola! I’m a bit (read: incredibly) indecisive so this threw me for a minute... until I realised I could just eat both. Problem solved! I like solving problems.


serendipity and kate said...

Yay! Entertainment for a sleepless night. Love it :) Priceline is a croc, I can hardly ever leave there without spending under 80 bucks.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Two of my favourite things in a post: nail polish and Japanese kit kats. Even though I have an aversion to out of date produce I think Japanese Kit Kats are an entirely different thing. They're too hard to get to pass up!

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