Thursday, January 20, 2011

Over the hills and far away

I, along with the majority of 20-something female bloggers in the universe, was rather excited to hear that She & Him had dropped another single. New single means a new film clip which inevitably results in Zooey Deschanel dancing in a way that's equal parts cute and embarrasing.

And best of all, it reminds me of this happy night in July when Mumma and I sat in the nosebleed section of Hollywood Bowl and watched She & Him do their thing. Well... .squint madly and assume the blobs we could see where She & Him doing their thing.

Which also reminds me of my favourite photo from the US. Yessss I'm a Lard Lad girl and I'm sure it's blasphemy that this is my favourite photo of an entire country. But if you know one thing about me it should probably be that I love the Simpons. And not in an "Oh I love Homer so much. Isn't he so funny when he says D'oh!" kinda way, it's a little more fanatical than that. Y'see my parents were the cool kind who let me watch the Simpsons from the beginning, when my age was in single digits (seriously multiple people I grew up with weren't allowed to watch The Simpsons in the fear that all their moral upbringing would disappear the instant "Eat My Shorts" was uttered). We had the NES games, the Simpsons Singing The Blues CDs, I even have Simpsons VHS. I'm a little prone to obsessions as I'm sure you'll see in due course. So on that note I'll wish you goodnight and head off to bed in one of my three oversized Hanson t-shirts (bet you didn't think due course meant the next sentence huh?)


Jessi said...

but you get a great view of the hollywood sign from the nosebleed seats!

kelly said...

god i love she and him. Zooey is just about the coolest person EVER.

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