Tuesday, March 6, 2012

hey emmaline, you'll be looking forever

I love gossip. I can’t help myself – I like to know everything about everyone which is why I’d make the finest stalker this side of Sydney.
I also like drama. I like dramas on TV (hello Foxtel IQ, my enabler). I didn’t like drama as a subject at high school because I’m THE worst actress (OH MY GOSH. I LOVE THIS PRESENT SO MUCH. THANK YOU. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED THIS EXACT SET OF TEA TOWELS, HOW DID YOU KNOW?!.. convincing no?), but I thrive on a little bit of drama in day to day life. It keeps things interesting no?
Me and Owen aren’t exactly the most exciting people around – in fact everyone uses the word “laid-back” to describe him. My word is usually “neurotic” (What’s with that?!).
But you can imagine that somewhere between a laid-back guy and an overly neurotic girl lives at least a little bit of drama. And you would be correct.
I can slam a door louder than the rest of the apartment block cares to know. And boy does that laid-back guy of mine know a thing or two about the silent treatment.
We niggle each other like no bodies business. At dinner parties we are sometimes outright mean to each other – but never in a mean way. Does that make sense? No not really.
Well either way, we’ve always been this way. I remember annoying the hell out of him our entire high school friendship by calling him a cynical crank. Deep down I just wanted to flirt with him. And nothing says “I like you” than insulting someone’s personality to their face right? Safe to say he didn’t get the gist until a few years later when I fell on his cute noggin in a pool, rendering him unconscious (another story for another day).

Don’t get me wrong – we do like each other! We actually do love each other, I swear it! But we also like to bug each other… and after eight years together I think I’m qualified to say it works… at the very least for us.
Which is why I didn’t bat an eyelid when I received the below email today.
And truth be told… I WAS being a narcissist.
I do this thing where I spend all day listening to songs with my name in the title. Is this unique to me? Or does everyone do this? Please tell me the later or I’ll feel like a jerk.
Emma isn’t a super common name, but common enough to pop up in quite a few song titles… especially if I decide my name is actually Emmaline/Emaline/Emily/Roxanne.
I’m not daft enough to pretend they’re singing about me, but it’s nice to hear your name in song… even if it’s Big Leg Emma by Frank Zappa (this one hits too close to home… with thighs like these who needs enemies?)
In fact, it’s by being a giant narcissist that I came up with the name Hey Emmaline – taken directly from the chorus of Bodyjar song. In short, my brand of cutesy “sweetheart” teapots are in fact named after an Australian punk-rock band from the late 90s. A great match!

And all of that is a very convoluted way of talking about Hey Emmaline and the fact that I’ve added a few new items to the shop.
I’ve just decorated a couple of coffee/tea mugs with some cute red designs. Generally speaking my non-custom stuff doesn’t sell as well… but thought I’d try again. No harm done!
First up is this set of four mugs with kisses and polka dots – my favourite things in the whole wide world
 And then next is this little lonely mug, covered in hearts which I’m a bit smitten with.
Hope you like ‘em!


kelly said...

emma, you're hilarious! its like your blogs spill straight from your mind onto the keyboard with no stopping in between. i love it....and these mugs.

kelly said...

oh and also...8 years!!! wow!!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

LOL hey if it works for you guys don't fix it! :D Love these new mugs too! :D

Kat said...

Just wanted to let you know I tagged you in a meme on my blog today.

Down that Little Lane said...

Love those mugs.. you should look at applying to www.downthatlittlelane.com.au to sell, invite only boutique and unique site for sellers just like you!

joyce said...

omg, those cups are absolutely adorable!

Chococcuro said...

haha I love the way you write!! Love your work btw!

Amy Cluck said...

I love the story of your blog name - it's perfect! I remember when I was little I used to ask my mom to play the song with my name in it ("Amy, what you gonna do, I think I could stay with you for awhile maybe longer if I do"). I don't know of many songs with my name but now I will try to find some!

P.S.) Cute mugs!

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