Monday, February 6, 2012

Seems you've created your own illusion

It’s safe to say I’ve had an acute case of the post-holiday blues these last three weeks. I almost cried on three separate occassions at work in my first week back, for no other reason than the simple fact that I was no longer in Japan. So want to know how I got around this? Total denial. I’m still in Japan and don’t even try to convince me otherwise.

This has been achieved in a couple of ways…
1.     Visiting every Japanese convenience store in the CBD and never leaving empty handed. Often I just stand and stare and try to pretend I know what food groups I'm looking at. Also it has resulted in so.much.calpis.drinking.
2.     Listening to songs on repeat that remind me of my holiday. This song was playing in every single corner of Shibuya all day every day and I’m not even remotely prone to exaggeration on this one. Also I don’t care that I can’t understand the lyrics or the Vietnamese subtitles in this particular video. I love it all the same, or perhaps more because of it.

3.     Eating onigiri for lunch and mochi for dessert even though I didn’t eat either of those foods while actually in Japan.
4.     Getting the lovely man-friend to make me okonomiyaki and me then adding unhealthy amounts of mayo
5.     Eating bowlfuls of frozen edamame. Actually I didn't read the instructions where it tells you to let them thaw for an hour... so I microwaved them and lived to tell the tale. Delicious and only $2.85 which sure beats the $6 you pay for a bowl half the size in most restaurants. But I think their claim to "slightly salted" actually means "no salt has touched these beans so you should add a shaker-full" cos that's what I did.
6.     Buying all the things I should have bought on holidays, but didn’t, on eBay after the fact. The fact that this cover actually hinders some functions of my iPhone is of little significance to me because this thing is freaking CUTE. Plus you can even download an app with her face on it. YUP.
7.     Kit Kats. I don't even eat them... more often than not I just pull them out and stare at them lovingly.

8.     Listening to the happy sounds and alerts of the JR Yamanote train line found here courtesy of one of my new favourite blogs melon soda. Only Japan could make you miss catching public transport. I can't tell you how weirdly soothing this is.

So based on the evidence of the above eight steps, I am still in Tokyo and its unseasonably warm for winter! And suddenly all my friends have also relocated here too, which was a pleasant surprise. What is it they say... fake it til you make it? Oh man am I faking it.

But in other less delusional news - hey, emmaline! is back open for business in 2012. So if you have an engagement party of a wedding coming up, or just know someone who really likes their tea then check it out here! The shop is looking a little bare at the moment because I've had quite a few orders, but it'll be updated all the time. And check out the new postcards I designed and ordered last week. I love 'em... even if I did get the link to my shop wrong on them. HA... I only wish I was kidding.

PS I will post more holiday goodness once I’ve come crashing down to earth and finally accept I’m no longer in Japan… so that could be days or it could be weeks. Only time will tell!


kelly said...

guess what, i ruined my birthday surprise the other night, thankgod! because now i know WE ARE GOING TO TOKYO FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! super excited you need to tell me any amazing places you found!! i love this post, i love kit kats and i think i'll love japan.

emma said...

Yayyy!!!! So happy for you! And totally worth ruining the surprise because now you have even longer to look forward to it!!
My best tip is buy Hello Sandwich's Tokyo guide - she is amazing and has scoured all the best places already :) I have stayed in Shibuya the last two times because I love it. I'm sure there are trendier areas but its proxmity to LoFT (aka the best shop in the entire world) means I will always end up staying there. Plus it's fun and you can walk to Harajuku too :) You will LOVE LoFT too I bet!
Ahhh so exciting!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Oh you poor thing Emma! I miss Japan a lot sometimes. I find that reading books by Japanese authors really helps-I love Natsua Kirino for crime mystery really helps transport me back there-although the subject matter is a little gruesome! ;)

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