Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Sometimes I wonder what the people at Myer must think of me when they look at my buying history.What is one woman doing with all those teapots?! I’m pretty sure I’m known “that crazy teapot girl”. To be honest, if you’re buying two of the same white teapot, it might not raise an eyebrow. But when you’re buying 22? It usually looks a little something like this…
I’m a-okay with it! If you’re going to be notoriously crazy about something, why not teapots? I like teapots better than cats and you can bet hurling teapots at people isn’t going to get you in trouble with PETA… unless you hurl a teapot at a cat and then you’re just sick. Anyway no one is hurling anything at anyone so why don’t you all just put your teapots down and take a deep breath.

Phew, that was close.
Anyway I prefer the term quirky to crazy. Quirky is the most polite way you can tell someone they’re a little left of centre (or right, let’s not get political) and you can bet I’ve been told that once or twice in my life time. I’ve also been called feral by a uni lecturer… as in “Emma I didn’t recognise you, you normally look more feral than that” end quote…and it was apparently meant as a compliment. To me as a feral or as a slightly more polished feral, I’m still not sure but it was about six years ago and you can bet I haven’t forgotten (or forgiven. I kid! Always forgive…).

But enough of my petty (yet impressive) grudge holding abilities. One thing I’ve always liked about Japan is that they’re also a little quirky! I’ve been getting pretty (read: very) excited for our trip to Japan in December so I’ve been blog stalking like crazy and trying to pick up some good tips (let me know if you have any - I’ll love you forever!). Along the way I discovered Mameshiba. Words fail me on this one so you’ll have to  read the below and watch. Hope you love it as much as I do!

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Haha yes I know what you mean. There was a time that I bought so much skincare and makeup that my Cc company must have wondered if I had several heads! :P

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